Dole Breakfast Baps

Here is a quick and easy recipe to use up leftover ham.


1 Dole pineapple, peeled and cored
6 slices of ham off the bone
1 tablespoons olive oil
30 grams butter
6 eggs
6 brioche bread rolls or other soft bread rolls
Tomato relish, aioli and flat-leaf parsley to serve

Serves 6


  1. Cut a fresh pineapple into 6 even pieces or use a can of Dole pineapple slices.
  2. Heat the barbecue grill plate to medium and fry pineapple rings and ham until golden brown on both sides.
  3. Heat the barbecue flat plate to a medium/high heat and add the olive oil and butter. Once the butter has melted, crack the eggs on to the flat plate and fry until the tops of the whites are set but the yolks are still runny.
  4. Cut the brioche buns in half and smear with tomato relish or aioli. Add the pineapple ring, ham and fried egg.
  5. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with fresh flat-leaf parsley.
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