Bananas are without a doubt one of the tastiest, healthiest convenience foods that are available all year round. They are an excellent source of carbohydrate, the preferred fuel for muscle activity. The riper the banana is, the easier it is to digest and access this carbohydrate.


The humble banana is a fruit we tend to take for granted. So convenient and healthy, it makes the perfect snack at home, school, work, or on the run.

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Bobby Banana Tips


Take the bananas out of the bag and store at room temperature. The warmer it is, the faster the bananas will ripen. To slow ripening, refrigerate (peel will turn black, but the fruit inside will be fresh and ripe). Bananas can be frozen once the banana is peeled and stored in a freezer bag until ready to use (use a bit of fresh lemon juice to reduce browning).


Dole Bobby Bananas are sold in bags of 850gms. Choose bananas according to the colour of the skin and ripeness desired. While full-yellow bananas are perfect for salads or snacks, fully ripe bananas with speckles on the peel are ideal for baking, smoothies, or recipes that specify mashed bananas.


One of the most convenient foods, bananas come perfectly packaged in their own wrapping. Just peel and eat; they’re a perfect size for children and ideal to pop in the lunch box. If using bananas in salads, prevent pieces from browning by tossing them in pineapple or lemon juice before adding. Try Bobby Bananas in some of our banana recipes or have a look in the Kids recipe section of this site.


Growing regions
In New Zealand, Dole bananas are sourced from the Philippines and Ecuador.

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