In 2017, Dole spearheaded the #followthefrog sustainability campaign locally, which focused on helping to make it easier for consumers to choose responsibly sourced goods.

The global #followthefrog campaign helps to raise awareness of the ways consumers can support positive environmental and social benefits in the part of the world their food is grown. In a New Zealand first, Dole is proud to bring it to these clean and green shores.

Alongside other well-known NZ brands, Dole is working with the Sustainability Business Network to research solutions to Auckland’s current industrial food waste situation.

Recognising the issue and the value of any solutions which may come from the initiative, Auckland City Council has committed to the project, approving a $10 000 grant.

“Dole exists to produce fruit of the highest quality, but never at the expense of the environment. From the farm, all the way to the point of consumption and beyond, we are committed to sustainable, environmentally practices for today and for tomorrow,” says Barton.